Cherrapunjee also spelt as Cherrapunji is famous for being one of the wettest places in the world. Located in the North East region of India, Cherrapunjee with its heavy rainfall and pristine beauty has become one of the must visit places of Meghalaya. Overlooking the breathtaking plains of Bangladesh Cherrapunjee is situated in the East Khasi Hill of Meghalaya. One of best places to enjoy this scenario is from the atop the basket-shaped rock of Thangkharang Park. With a commanding view of Kynrem fall, a three-step waterfall of Meghalaya Thangkharang Park is located at a distance of 12km from the main town of Cherrapunjee.

Home of the famous double decker living root bridge, Cherrapunjee is sure to mesmerize anyone with its ethereal charm. Sited in a quaint village named Tryna these Double Decker Living Root Bridge of Cherrapunjee is said to be 100 ft long and 150 years old.

Seven Sisters Waterfall is another natural wonder which can be seen in Cherrapunjee. Also known as Nohsngithiang Falls and Mawsmai Falls, the Seven Sisters Waterfall of Cherrapunjee is the fourth largest waterfall of India. This majestic fall has allured the hearts of many traveler.

Nokrek National Park is another must visit destination of Cherrapunjee. This national park is one of the last places where the endangered Red Panda inhibits in India. Along with being the safe haven of cute red panda, Nokrek National Park is a sweet escape for all the nature lovers since it is also famous for its verdant flora and fauna. Nokrek National Park is located at a distance of approx. 120km from vibrant city of Cherrapunjee.

If you want to explore dark caves and call out your inner adventurer than Mawsmai Cave of Cherrapunjee is a must visit destination for you. Situated at a distance of only 500 meters form Cherrapunjee Mawsmai Cave is the fourth longest cave of the India. Not only it is one of the longest caves in Indian Subcontinent inside the cave travelers will also find a small pool made out of five different rivers which is a truly fascinating site to see.

Trek along the lush unpaved road of Tryna Village or feast your eyes with the beautiful and majestic waterfall, Cherrapunjee with the unwavering natural treasures has lot to offer to its visitors. Shrouded beneath the misty veil Cherrapunjee with its unworldly charm, lush valleys, and majestic falls and an ungodly amount of rainfall has become one of the must travel places of North-East India.

Not only is Cherrapunjee blessed with awe-inspiring natural beauty it also has a pleasant weather if one overlooks the rainfall.

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